Thursday, December 21, 2006

If James Bond had a wedding band...

If you read my blog entry about The $8,000 Watch then you already know that I recently bought a hard-to-get Rolex Daytona. It's gorgeous and I'm enjoying it.

Well, one thing leads to another...

The Rolex Daytona is white so I was considering how it would look with my gold wedding band. And my jeweler, Ken, said....well, let Jessica get you another wedding band.

It never occurred to me that I could have more than one wedding band. He said, "Absolutely. I have three wedding bands. Which one I wear depends on what I'm doing and which watch I wear".

Made sense to me. So, I asked him what he recommended. We looked at platinum and titanium....and then he told me about one I'd never heard of.

It matches my new watch....and it's the Ultimate Wedding Band. If James Bond were going to have a wedding band, he would choose this one.

It's unscratchable.
It's made out of tungsten carbide. I had to special order it. And when it arrived, Ken took a steel file and start filing away on it like a madman. Then he handed it to me.

Not a scratch.

It looks brand new. All the time. It never needs polishing.

If James Bond finds out about it, he'll want to get married just to have a ring like mine.

Tony Rush

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Free book for you: The New Jet Set

Hannah Worth, leading expert on the mindset, preferences and finances of the ultra-wealthy has released "The New Jet Set" -- the first-ever comprehensive report on the spending details of the super-rich spenders.

You can download and read "The New Jet Set" here. (Adobe Acrobat file zipped 2.2mB)

If you've ever wondered what the ultra-wealthy spend on homes, automobiles, jewelry, travel, fine art, etc....this is the first time these spending habits have been made available.

But it's also more than that.

Did you know that less than 34% of them open their own mail? Or that only 19% pay their own bills? In fact, the New Jet Set may never even SEE their bills given their tendency to travel and the number of residences they own.

But, here's what's interesting: they're not necessarily snobs! They're just people who enjoy the wealth they've created and don't mind paying for services that make their lives easier.

Enjoy the free book. It'll give you a great insight to the life YOU deserve!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is there any such thing as luck?

Is there any such thing as luck?

Yes. It's what Earl Nightingale defines as "when preparedness meets opportunity".

Money Magazine addressed this question recently when it sent one of their star journalists out to interview wealthy people and ask them how they became wealthy. What did the wealthy say? You make your own luck.

British researcher Richard Wiseman talked about "lucky people" in a 2003 article called the The Luck Factor. Here's what he said:
"They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophecies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good."

In one experiment, Wiseman asked two groups of people - one who described themselves as generally lucky and one who said they were usually unlucky - to count the photographs in a newspaper.

The unluckies spent several minutes flipping through and counting the photos. The lucky people got it in a few seconds. How? On page 2, Wiseman had inserted a message in giant headline type: "Stop counting - There are 43 photographs in this newspaper."

The lucky people, always on the lookout for unexpected good fortune, spotted it right away. The unlucky people, whose minds are closed to such signs, missed it completely.

What clues do you find in this example about what YOU are looking for in life?

Expect things to go your way and they usually will!

-- TR

Monday, December 11, 2006

Prosperity Tip #2 -- Be excellent to yourself

If someone asked me for one "prosperity tip" that I think can change your vibration quicker than anything, it's this one: be excellent to yourself.

Think about that phrase? What does it mean to you?

Here's what it means to me: treating myself with the same care and attention that I want to be treated. And you can do this in different ways. Here are some ways to start:

1. Always valet park. Never self-park if a valet is available. It's worth the extra $6 and the tip to pull up to the curb and let someone else take care of finding a place to put your car. Besides, even if you're not driving your dream car should go ahead and start behaving as if you are.

2. Buy fresh flowers. I don't know why but this is powerful. Buy yourself flowers for your home. Buy them for others for no reason (it doesn't have to be a birthday or an occasion.) Having fresh flowers delivered to your home every week is a great way to make your surroundings and your environment feel great. And that "runs off" on you.

3. Tidy up. Someone once shared this with me and I believe it's true: how you do anything is how you do everything. I used to never wash my car. I used to never make my bed. And guess what: I was broke! Because the same discipline and mindset it takes to make your bed or wash your car is the same kind of discipline and mindset it takes to become wealthy.

These will get you started. And look for other ways to be excellent to yourself! Because how you treat yourself is how life will treat you.

How do you want to be treated?


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Did you see the Ellen Degeneres Show?

Two of personal development's most-respected speakers were recently featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show: Bob Proctor and John Assaraf. These gentlemen are featured speakers on the movie, "The Secret" and have impacted thousands of lives.

The studio audience had watched "The Secret" before the show started recording and these two segments are based on some of the information that they shared in the movie.

Enjoy -- TR!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Next Millionaires -- will you be one?

Did you know that a new millionaire is created in the United States at a rate of about one per MINUTE?

According to Paul Zane Pilzer (author of "The Next Millionaires"), the number of U.S. millionaires has been more than doubling every ten years. He predicts that an additional 11,200,000 millionaires will be created in the next decade.

And here's what's amazing: most of them are doing it with far less effort than the millionsires of 10-30 years ago.

POOF -- someone else just became a millionaire while you've been reading this.

So, what does this mean? Well, it means a couple of things:
  1. Firstly, it completely destroys the erroneous idea that there's not enough money in the world. The money creating these new millionaires is NEW money coming from new industries, new businesses and new spending. The pie is unlimited. You can have a big of a slice as you're willing to settle for.

  2. It has completely eradicated the "class system" that once existed in the U.S. There was once a time when your chances of becoming wealthy depended on who you were related to, what ZIP code you lived in, and how much education you had.

    Those days are over.

    By the way -- POOF -- another millionaire was just created. Back to what I was saying...

    Today, many of the new millionaires are people who have never seen the inside of a college and who created their wealth by being willing to be different from the masses. They were willing to break away from the status quo and it paid off. It almost always does. (There's a wealth tip for you...)

  3. It opens the doors for you to take advantage of this economic momentum. These millionaires are NOT hoarding their money or hiding it under their mattresses. They are doing with it what money is designed for: spending it!

    This means that there are BILLIONS of new consumer dollars that are swishing around the marketplace. And all you have to do is get in the game! By simply finding out where the money is going and then getting in front of are uniquely positioned to increase your OWN wealth by offering value to the marketplace
Getting rich isn't difficult. It's actually pretty simple when you understand some very basic concepts.

POOF -- another person just became a millionaire...

So, what about it? You interested in being one of the "Next Millionaires"? You can. But it all starts with a decision.

Make your decision today.

Tony Rush

The Story of the Bum

Have you ever heard "The Story of the Bum"? It'll give you a clear understanding of the mindset required to move from one rung of the ladder of success to another...

Adjust your speakers and listen online here.

Let me know your thoughts by emailing me at


Free Video Magazine: The Wealth Theory

One of the projects I've created for 2007 is a free online video magazine called "The Wealth Theory".

Get the details and your free subscription at The Wealth Theory Newsletter


Prosperity Tip #1 -- Subscribe to some magazines!

Read What The Wealthy Read!Want a simple, easy and powerful prosperity tip?

Subscribe to the magazines that the wealthy read!

Now, at first glance, you might wonder, "How will reading some magazines change my bank account?" Great question. Here's how:

It's a law of the universe that you become what you think about. That doesn't mean that looking through the Robb Report will make a Bentley GT Continental appear in your driveway. But, here's what WILL happen....

As you begin to look at luxury, your mindset will gradually start to change so that you feel more comfortable looking at luxury than scarcity. You'll automatically elevate your thinking to the lifestyle that you want....instead of the one you've been settling for.

And when that happens, the law of attraction will start moving people, things, circumstances and opportunities into your life that are in alignment with the new person you've become.

Another thing that will happen is that you will prove to yourself that we live in an abundant universe. There is more than enough to go around. And you really CAN live the life you want.

So, get in the game! Start reading and looking at magazines like Robb Report.
Or Dupont Registry (for cars or homes).
Or Architectural Digest.
Or Millionaire.

And start familiarizing yourself with the life you DESERVE...not the one you've been settling for.

Final word: when you do this, go ahead and SUBSCRIBE to these magazines instead of just buying them off the bookshelf. If you have them coming to your house automatically, you'll look at them more regularly than if you have to remind yourself to go buy the latest copy.

Try it! You'll be amazed at the change!

Tony Rush

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

7 Surefire Ways To Stay Broke

1) Take All the Free Cheese in the Mousetrap

Believe everything should come for free. Don't give the money back if the salesclerk gives you an extra $5 by mistake, find a way to wire your house for cable without paying for it, and help yourself to an extra newspaper when no one is looking. Always look for something for nothing and be happy when you get away with stealing the cheese.

2) Tell Yourself Daily How Broke You Are

Make sure the words you say are negative. I'm reminded of a friend, who daily runs through a list of bills he has to pay, and how he doesn't know how he will ever find the money to cover them, and how every time things really start going good for him, something always happens to set him back.

Well of course it does. So, then he CONTINUES to tell himself how bad things are. He's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some people think it's polite or a good way to fit in by speaking of themselves in demeaning terms. Statements like, "I'm always a day late and a dollar short" may endear you to other broke people, but they will repel prosperity and become self-fulfilling prophecies.

So if you're going to make sure you stay completely unfulfilled and never reach a higher level of success, repeat the following negative affirmations on a daily basis to really anchor it in your mind:

* I never have any money.
* I just can't seem to get ahead in life.
* Bad things always happen to me.

3) Hang Around People Whose Lives are Desolate

Think about this . . . If you take the five people who are closest to you in your life, add up their yearly income and divide it by five you will have your annual salary.

Coincidental mathematics? Probably not.

So the third way to make sure you never break-free is to hang-on to relationships with people who are constantly complaining about their life, blaming others for their misfortunes, and whose lives are pathetic.

4) Never Have Any Expectations for Success

Make sure you become a “Negative Nancy or Ned” and anytime an opportunity arises, tell yourself a whole list of reasons why it won’t work. Here are a few examples to get you started . . .

* I’m not smart enough to do that.
* That just can’t be possible.
* That's "too good to be true".
* And the ever-popular one: "I can't afford that".

After all, anyone dead serious about changing their life would never let something as silly as "not having the money" get in their way. So make sure that you focus on ways that you CAN'T afford it. Otherwise, you might accidentally get started in something prosperous.

How you react to opportunity is determined almost ENTIRELY by your mindset. What you expect in life. Of all the tools you can use to stay broke, your mind is the most powerful.

In other words, you are where you are because of your best thinking. So, if you want to stay broke, keep doing what comes naturally and whatever your current level of thinking tells you.

5) Become Extremely Obsessive with “Getting a Deal”

Broke people rarely purchase things at a fair exchange of value and believe the world owes them. So make sure your sole basis for making a buying decision revolves around how much money you will save, rather than how it will add value and enhance your life. Make an extreme effort in your negotiating tactics looking for a one-sided advantage.

6) Think All Rich People are Evil and Mean.

Broke people usually have a negative energy and connotation surrounding money. Obsess about how you are unable to do things that require money and think those who have money are rich snobs, thieves, lucky – or just plain evil and mean. Having a negative association of money will completely repel it from you.

Say things like:

* It's stupid to fly first-class.
* It's a waste of money to use valet-parking
* $300 for a dinner for two? That's stupid.
* The Crowne Plaza isn't any better than the Holiday Inn

or anything else that demonstrates the attitude that has put your into your current lifestyle. It'll also have the side-effect of making you feel better about the fact that you can't afford to do any of those things.

7) Never Question Anything You Hear or Have Been Told

Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, most of the masses are sick, broke and unhappy too. If living a life of quiet desperation is good enough for them, well it should be good enough for you, right?

So drudge through each day, doing what you’re told, and what’s expected of you to do. Forget how to think. The media, government, religion, and other people have been telling you WHAT to think for so long, that you really have no need to know HOW to think.

Just follow the herd.

If you want to succeed at staying where you are in life right now -- never question what you read and hear. Continue to always do and believe everything you've been told to. Remember, questioning things, thinking differently and trying new strategies is only for rich eccentric weirdo's, like me, Bill Gates, Ross Perot, and Donald Trump.

Staying broke is easy, and doesn't take any special skills or energy from you. By practicing these 7 Surefire Ways, you can continue being dissatisfied, unfulfilled and broke.

Have a less-than-prosperous day!

Tony Rush

P.S. Now obviously, the above article was written very tongue-in-cheek. But the message is clear:

==> You are in control of your own life.

So you can choose to live life feeling unfulfilled, broke and helpless . . . . or your can take control and recognize what
is holding you back, and then take the necessary action steps to reach that level of success you desire.

If you're sick and tired of thinking like the masses and following the herd, then give me a call at 334-794-4442 and I'll show you how I turned my annual income into a monthly income.

It really IS up to you.

A prosperity truth from Alice and Wonderland

Let me tell you a story. Your child may be familiar with this story although you may not. And you deserve to hear its message.

In Lewis Carroll’s famous masterpiece “Alice through the Looking Glass,” there is a dialogue between the main character and the Queen, who has just told something quite extraordinary.

"I can’t believe it!", says Alice

"Can’t believe it?", the Queen repeats with a sad look on her face. "Try again: take a deep breath, close your eyes, and believe".

Alice laughs, "It’s no good trying. Only fools believe that impossible things can happen."

"I think what you need is a little training," answers the Queen. "When I was your age I would practice at least half an hour a day, right after breakfast, I tried very hard to imagine five or six unbelievable things that could cross my path....

...and today I see that most of the things I imagined have turned real, I even became a Queen because of that."

Life constantly asks us to believe!

The simple truth is that life will give us whatever we choose to believe and expect for ourselves. If your expecations are that you're going to earn, say, $50,000 this year......well, you wouldn't be able to earn any more of that. You simply won't see the opportunities that come by.

On the other hand, if you operate with the belief that you can earn, say, $250,000 per year....then you'll automatically start seeing the opportunities that would make that possible for you.

It's all about belief.

Where's your belief today?

Tony Rush

Saturday, December 02, 2006

You Can't Get Rich By Thinking Small

Just read this on Donald Trump's blog...

Donald J. Trump, like many top achievers, stresses the importance of thinking big. He is absolutely right, because big thinking creates vastly more success than small thinking, every time.

Read more here...



Friday, December 01, 2006

Have you seen "The Secret"?

LinkHave you seen the movie, "The Secret"?

(If you haven' -- don't walk -- the website and watch the preview online.)

The Secret is a full-length feature film that answers a simple and powerful question that most people are asking: "Is there a simple secret that -- if I understood it -- would allow me to reach my goals and create the kind of life I

And the answer is 'yes'. There is such a secret. Whether it's great health, a great income, a great lifestyle, time name it.....EVERY person I know who's experiencing abundance and prosperity in their lives is using this Secret either consciously or unconsciously.

I don't make a dime for recommending this information to you. It's simply some powerful information that I've seen change thousands of lives. And it can do the same for you, too.

Enjoy --

Tony Rush

P.S. By the way, the guy in the picture with me above is Joe Vitale. He's one of the stars of the movie The Secret and is a super, down-to-earth guy. He was filming some additional resources recently in Austin, TX and I enjoyed hanging out with him for the weekend.