Friday, November 16, 2007

Making A Run For It

I was reading a blog this morning and ran across an interesting sentence:
If you live in a world where most people are deaf, and you gradually begin to hear sounds, how will you explain your new perceptions to others? Good luck!
It seems to me that the main ingredient in "breaking away from the herd" (whichever herd that might be; there's more than one.) is that -- sooner or later -- you have to ditch the need for the approval of others.

Because, the truth is that you are creating your own life.....and sometimes that means being unreasonable, radical, illogical and doing things that make complete sense to you and none to the herd.

And the herd doesn't like that.

Cows like all other cows to stay in the pasture and act like cows. And they worry about the ones out on the fringe. You never know when one of them might make a run for it. That's not good for the herd for several reasons. The main one is that it forces them to confront their own mediocrity.

And here's the funny part. If someone makes a run for it, it's almost impossible for them to make sense to those who are determined to stay in the herd.

It's like trying to explain music to a person who's hearing-impaired.

Tony Rush