Monday, February 19, 2007

The Two Sentence Wealth Formula

People ask me every week, "Tony, what would be the simplest advice you could give me for become wealthy?"

And, to sum it up in two sentences, I'd put it this way:

-- Find out what wealthy people are doing and do that
-- Find out what broke people do and -- whatever you do -- avoid doing that

While that may seem to be overly simple, the truth is that most people don't do either one. Ask yourself: have you ever actually sat down and studied the similarities between wealthy people? Did your parents teach you? Did you learn it in school? Do you see it on TV? Was it the topic of the last book you read?

Probably not.

And that is the #1 reason why the masses are struggling to make ends meet and are not experiencing the prosperity and abundance that is their birthright.

See you in the next issue!

Tony Rush